DIY stainless steel wedding rings

Do-it-yourself: rings for eternity

Wedding rings are among those rare once-in-a-lifetime purchases. There are many different kinds: gold, white gold, silver and platinum are just some of the materials that rings are made of – but stainless steel is enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Two of thyssenkrupp’s employees, who have exchanged vows for life, created their own wedding rings out of stainless steel.

The idea

Do-it-yourself wedding rings made out of stainless steel

Customers like to send us photos of their DIY projects created from our metals. These are usually items of furniture such as shelves, or objects designed for decoration or some similar function. This time, though, the objects were much smaller – wedding rings made of stainless steel. A couple, who both work for thyssenkrupp Steel, specifically chose the material. Because of the nature of the material, it was possible to create each partner’s ring separately – an important part of the plan. The source of the material was also important. ‘As we’d met through work, we liked the idea of the material coming from thyssenkrupp. When we searched on the internet, I found thyssenkrupp’s online shop, materials4me.’

The production process

Wedding rings made of stainless steel outside

Everything that we needed for the project was available. Our own workshop had the right tool – a lathe with the accessories that we needed, such as a turning tool, drill and polish. First of all, the rings’ measurements were determined, and sketches were made for the design. For their actual production, the pieces of stainless steel selected were clamped firmly in the lathe. Then the couple released the clamp on the material until the desired outer diameter was reached.

Wedding rings made of stainless steel inside

The hole in the ring was made with a drill, and then widened using a turning tool until the correct inside measurement was reached. At this point the ring was still quite rough around the edges. Polishing and rounding off the edges gave the ring its smooth appearance. Finally, the ring was cut from the workpiece and polished one last time until it was immaculate. The whole production process took around six hours.

Good reasons for stainless steel wedding rings

There are many reasons to make jewellery out of stainless steel. Stainless steel jewellery is easy to care for, as, unlike gold or silver jewellery, it does not tarnish. In addition, it has a price advantage over all of the conventional materials. Another benefit is that the material is non-allergenic. However, caution is advised – only jewellery made from 316L steel, known as surgical steel, is suitable for those with allergies.

Stainless steel at materials4me

In our online shop you can buy grade 1.4301 stainless steel in various forms. Quick, convenient and no minimum order size – and therefore suitable for the smallest projects. If you have any questions about our range, please contact us using our contact form.