DIY Furniture from Steel Sections

Do it Yourself: Self-Made Furniture in "Industrial Style"

It does not always have to be country style. If you want a new look for your apartment, you should consider "industrial style". This design style captures the appealing ambience of old factory halls and combines steel or stainless steel with wood and concrete. In particular, furniture with metal sections gives rise to the puristic look and is therefore absolutely essential for the factory flair. It can also be combined well with other styles, which has helped it become established as a lifestyle trend.

Apartment with industrial style furniture

If you take a closer look at how the furniture is constructed, any hobby craftsman will clearly see that the metal structures are kept extremely simple. As a DIY maker, they represent the ideal template for creating your own designs. It is a grand feeling to enjoy furniture you built yourself. Such furniture lends your living space an industrial flair and raises the comfort factor considerably.

A DIY craftsman measures a square tube

With our large selection of steel and stainless steel sections as starting material, the range of possibilities is limitless. The classic section shapes are square or rectangular tubes, flat bars and angle sections. If you want to get a bit more extravagant, you can also implement your ideas with round tubes of stainless steel. In addition, the stable material allows for sleeker designs than wood. Chair, bookshelf or custom coffee table or sideboard: anything is possible. The implementation is often simpler than you might think, and the cost of the DIY furniture is considerably lower than for comparable designer products.

The simply designed furniture pieces can also serve as an ideal starting point for learning to weld. There is not much you can do wrong, and bit by bit, you will expand your handicraft skills.

Home-made: Cheaper than store-bought

A glance at the prices of such designer furniture pieces will quickly yank you back to reality. While comparable pieces can cost hundreds of euros at the store, the material costs of a home-made table are significantly lower. Naturally, this does not yet take into account the labour involved. We know from our customers, however, that they are happy to invest the time to create a unique piece of furniture. The emotional attachment to the furniture you make yourself is also much greater.

DIY furniture made of steel profiles

Metal sections of steel or stainless steel are the ideal material for many self-made bookshelves, coffee tables or sideboards. They are stable, easy to work with and excellently suited for building a table in industrial style, for example. Often just a few cuts are sufficient, and these are free for customers of our shop materials4me. The result is not only eye-catching but also much less expensive.

Unlimited possibilities with metal sections

A self-made coffee table is just one example of DIY furniture. With stainless steel sections from our shop, our customers also create their own chairs and shelving units. These can turn out beautifully as well. We have assembled a few examples to give you an idea of the material costs for your future project.

Sideboard of square tubes

DIY sideboard made of square tube

The rustic sideboard is simple in design and a decorative accent for any home. It is flexible in use and functions wonderfully as a sofa table, a hall table in an entry way or even in bedrooms and living rooms.

Sideboard dimensions

Width: 120 cm x Height: 60 cm x Depth: 40 cm

Material and dimensions of square tube

Square tube of steell | 20x20 mm | 2 mm thickness

Quantity: 6x120 cm | 4x60 cm | 4x40 cm

Total costs at materials4me

Square tubes of steel - £ 36.10 (incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)

Alternative square tubes of stainless steel - £ 148.52 (incl. VAT, free shipping over £ 100 )

Bookshelf of square tubes

You can build a bookshelf to match the sideboard. Place them next to each other for a consistent look.

Bookshelf dimensions

Width: 80 cm x Height: 200 cm x Depth: 40 cm

Material and dimensions of square tube

square tube of steel | 20x20mm | 2mm Thickness

Quantity: 4x200 cm | 14x80 cm | 14x40 cm

Total costs at materials4me

Square tubes of steel - £ 83.16 (incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)

Alternative square tubes of stainless steel - £ 341.44 (incl. VAT, free shipping over £ 100 )

Chair of rectangular tubes

DIY chair made of rectangular tube

The chair a classic in the world of furniture and can be a perfect visual complement to a dining table. Chairs also permit great freedom in terms of design choices.

Chair dimensions

Breite: 62 cm x Höhe: ca. 85 cm x Tiefe: ca. 77 cm

Material and dimensions of rectangular tubes

Rectangular tubes of steel | 60x30 mm | 3 mm Thickness

Quantity: 2x73 cm | 2x70 cm | 10x50 cm | 2x30 cm

Total costs at materials4me

Rectangular tubes of steel - £ 115.94 (incl. VAT, free shipping over £ 100 )

Steel profiles in thyssenkrupp quality

In the search for a suitable material, our customers are spoilt for choice. Both private individuals and tradespersons can easily and conveniently buy sections and tubes of stainless steel, steel or aluminiumin our online shop.

Craftsman orders steel profiles online

You can define your own quantities, and even small orders are no problem. In addition to the proven thyssenkrupp quality, you profit from many additional advantages as our customer. We cut your sections according to your wishes, and the best part is: There are no additional costs for cuts. There is no minimum order value, and shipping is free as of a product value of €100. If you have to send your material back, that is no problem. We offer a 30-day buyback guarantee.

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If you need more information or have any questions, feel free to make use of our materials4me contact service. We would be happy to help.