Transport protection of our metals and plastics

The perfect protection for your goods by polycoating

Our entire flat sheet products come supplied ‘polycoated one side’. So why do we do this? Metal products, especially aluminium, can be very fragile and we want to ensure that our product is in perfect condition when you receive your delivery.

Most metal products are rolled in a rolling mill which means the bottom has been in contact with the production line. Therefore, the reverse side may have lines or slight scratches.In order to protect the top side of the sheet – we call this is ‘A’ side- we coat the product in a plastic film. You have probably seen this kind of material if you bought a cooker hood or a fridge and had to peel the blue film off after delivery.

The right choice of the correct film

These films come in a variety of different thicknesses from 50 micron (0.05 mm thick) to 100 micron (0.1 mm) thick, usually either blue or white. There are some products that we won’t coat, such as very thin aluminium sheets, as peeling off the film may damage the product. Polycoat comes in a variety of different brands with different types of film and a variety of different glues from acrylic to rubber based adhesives. All of our films are from reputable manufacturers and have been tried and tested over many years to ensure they offer the best protection and the adhesive sticks with just the right amount of adhesion to the sheet.