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Aluminium Round Bar EN AW-6060
Aluminium Round Bar | Material: EN AW-6060
  • Grade: AlMgSi0,5
  • Manufacturing Process: extruded
  • Norm: EN 573/755/-3
  • Delivery condition: T66
Content 500 Millimeter (£3.78 * / 1000 Millimeter)
From £1.89 *

Round aluminium bars – Quality product from thyssenkrupp

Thanks to the variety of alloys available, round aluminium bars from thyssenkrupp are suitable for a wide range of applications. While many aluminium alloys are characterised by good cold formability, others are more suited for shaping while warm.

The same applies to welding and soldering as well as the machinability of aluminium rods in strain- or heat-hardened condition. Depending on the intended use, a variety of alloying elements are added to the material.

The material is commonly used in aircraft, ship and vehicle manufacturing due to its low weight. It has only one-third the specific density of steel.

Designers and model builders also love our round aluminium bars. Another advantage is the resistance to corrosion. For this reason, aluminium is suitable for use in aggressive environments and in saltwater.