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Aluminium Flat Bar EN AW-6060
Aluminium Flat Bar | Material: EN AW-6060
  • Grade: AlMgSi0,5
  • Manufacturing Process: extruded
  • Norm: EN 573/755/-5
  • Delivery condition: T66
Content 500 Millimeter (£10.24 * / 1000 Millimeter)
From £5.12 *

Flat aluminium bars – Discover the possibilities

Our flat aluminium bars from our materials4me online shop are always available and are true all-rounders. Craftsmen and DIY makers buy aluminium due to its wide range of applications and the solutions it makes possible. As it is impervious to weathering, the material can be used outdoors without having to be replaced over time.

Aluminium can also frequently be found indoors thanks to its refined appearance. Flat and practical in a variety of dimensions: As stair edge protection, applications in furniture or LED installations. These are just a few examples of the places where aluminium can be used in your own home. You won't regret choosing aluminium flat bars.

Properties of aluminium:

• Low density
• Easy to work
• Smooth surface
• Tighter dimensional tolerances
• Non-magnetisable
• Can be easily anodised for a refined finish (depending on the alloy)
• Suitable for use in food processing (EN 602)
• Good machinability (depending on the strength and alloying elements)

Additional applications of aluminium:

• Roof elements
• Electrical installations
• Canning food
• Boats, especially yachts
• In fireworks in powdered form